Ambassador Program 

The aim of Suppzone’s Ambassadors Program (SZAP) is to build word of mouth and brand loyalty through key representatives in the fitness, health, and the dance industry. As a member of SZAP you’ll be expected to uphold the values of Suppzone’s brand through professionalism and adherence to our Aim Beyond ethos.

Aim Beyond, incorporates our belief that humans are only achieving a fraction of their potential. By using specific mindset and supplementation, we can all be better and achieve more than we thought possible, beyond our own expectations.

As a SZA you’ll be charged with spreading the Green Heart through social media and in everyday life to your followers, family and friends.



This will include but not limited to;

  • Embrace and spread SZ and our ethos 

  • Like & Follow Suppzone on social media (Instagram and Facebook)

  • Be part of the closed SZAP Ambassador Facebook Group – chat & encourage your fellow SZAs

  • Your #NAME to be used online and during shopping process

  • Share Suppzone Sessions Podcasts (when the newest episode is released)

  • Share Suppzone Session Live Event (When the event is announced)

  • Promoting various sales and specials

  • Inviting friends to follow Suppzone on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Like & comment on all Suppzone posts via social streams

  • All rewards should be directed to Suppzone's Facebook Messenger


To receive SZAP Rewards the buyer must put your #NAME  into the comments sections of the Cart during purchase


The buyer can take a screenshot of the receipt/transaction, share it on their socials and tag @suppzone and the Ambassador in the post or share. This will ensure the allocated sale is attributed to your monthly rewards tally.

The discount and rewards offered will include but not limited to;

10% discount to all SZ Ambassadors (actively participating in the program)


Earn your Monthly Rewards by gaining:

5 Separate transactions (by you or an external buyer) using your #NAME

Receive one product (valued up to $90.00)*

10 Separate transactions (by you or an external buyer) using your #NAME

Receive 50% off your next (single) product*

15 Separate transactions (by you or an external buyer) using your #NAME

Receive one product (valued up to $90.00)*


SZAP 3 Month Bonus^

Bonuses may be received (in addition to the Monthly Rewards), when you receive 3 consecutive months of the
following transactions;

5 Separate transactions p/month - 3 months consecutively

Receive — 6 x energy drinks (Bang, 3D, Raze, or G Fuel) or 6 x protein bars (Lust or MRE) - value up to $30*

10 Separate transactions p/month - 3 months consecutively

Receive — One ticket to Gold Class or Lux (Hoyts or Event Cinemas) - value up to $50*

15 Separate transactions p/month - 3 months consecutively

Receive — $75 Gift Card (Westfields or Myer or David Jones)*


SZ Events

You may be invited to attend;

  • SZ Sessions Live — pre-arranged discount tickets available upon request (BOGOF for family & friends)

  • Various promotional events (dance or fitness events, gyms and tastings/pop-up stores)

  • Yearly events, SZAP social gatherings and Ambassador meetings

  • ‘In the Gym’ with Suppzone 


Click here to join us in the exclusive Facebook Group. Here you will meet your fellow ambassadors, see latest news, discounts, challengers and events. It is your first step to spreading the Green love. You are a pivotal part to building a strong and inspiring fitness community. This community will be truly unique and special.


*All rewards and bonuses cannot be exchanged for monetary value.

^ Bonuses can only be rewarded upon SZ approval and by attaining transaction amount (listed) for three consecutive months.

All rewards and bonuses can be removed or changed at anytime without communication.

For further details please refer to Terms & Conditions.

Suppzone Ambassador Program — Terms & Conditions

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