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All you need to know to talk-the-talk in the world of gyms, training, bro-science and supps!

  • Pre-workout (Pre) – a product you can take before any type of exercise, performance or sport. Usually contains ingredients for energy, mental focus and fatigue buffering

  • Intra-workout (Intra) – a product to be taken during exercise and training. Speeds recovery, helps keep you hydrated and improves your results

  • Post-workout (Post) – a product that is taken immediately after training, or exercise, usually in the style of a protein shake containing whey isolate or concentrate

  • Amino Acids – known as proteins and can broken into two groups, essential amino acids (EAA) and
    non-essential amino acids (NAA)

    • EAA, need to be ingested via supplements or food sources because they are unable to be obtained otherwise.

    • NAA, can be made in the body from other amino acids

    • BCAA – branched chain amino acids, essential to muscle growth, recovery and immune function. Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine

  • Caffeine – An age old stimulant found in coffee, found in most pre-workouts. Can appear on labels as its chemical name (1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione) or as Caffeine Anhydrous, Methylxanthine, Dicaffeine Malate

  • Beta Alanine – modified amino acid that can help buffer lactic acid, improve endurance and fatigue while training. May cause a slight tingling effect on the skin when ingested

  • Creatine – naturally occurs in the body and some foods. It can help increase both power (strength) and lean body mass

  • Whey protein – Comes in three types, concentrate, isolate and hydrolyed. Each have their benefits and uses

    • Concentrate – slower digestion, higher level of growth factors. Snack replacements and boosting protein intake

    • Isolate – medium digestion with lower lactose and fat. Usually found with concentrate in a blend. Good all rounder, morning, after lunch and before bed

    • Hydrolyzed – fastest digestion with close to zero lactose, fat and carbs. Post training and for anyone who has digestion problems

    • Protein blend – Usually contains whey protein isolate and concentrate. Perfect to use anytime you want to boost your protein intake

  • Test booster – Naturally boost the hormone responsible for strength, lean muscle, sex drive and energy

  • Estrogen blocker – Naturally reduce or balance the hormone responsible for weight gain, water retention, mood swings and low sex drive

  • Pump booster - Naturally increase nitric oxide which in turn causes a relaxing of the capillaries and blood vessels in the body. This will increase blood flow, thereby improving muscle pump, well-being and nutrient delivery (growth, recovery)

  • Fat burner – Natural ingredients that can help the body boost its metabolism, reduce water retention, suppress appetite and boost energy

  • L-Carnitine - This amino acid helps the body transports fat into cells for energy. It helps preserve muscle tissue with losing weight and will give a nice energy boost when used with caffeine



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