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Rubix by Myoblox


Rubix by Myoblox, is a thermogenic powerhouse that will leave you sweating without without caffeine, or other stimulants. It contains novel ingredients like an exclusive micro-peptide infused carnitine which works on multiple facets of fat loss to aid in improved metabolism, and fat utilization.

Rubix by Myoblox is one product you will feel almost immediately. It will have your body warming up and sweating before you even realise what happened. If you are tired of over stimulation and too much caffeine then this non-stimulant fat burner is the right product for you. With good dosed of ingredients and a delicious flavour. You will be asking how you every trained without this carnitine product in your gym bag.


This delicious supplement can be added to any 'pre-workout' or 'fat-burner' to increase fat loss and calorie burning. So what are you waiting for? Add Rubix to your stack now.

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