EHP Labs, delivers a product so versitile and powerful that it provides the optimal level of CNS and adrenal gland stimulation. It aims to trigger a positive energy release, improved cognitive ability, increased muscular and cardiovascular endurance. RPMax can be used for the gym, for dancing, and in the place of your normal supermarket bought energy drink.

RPMax by EHP Labs

  • RPMax by EHP Labs is a scientifically balanced pre-workout, and aims to produce a fast-acting highly charged stimulant effect on the body. 
    It is a product that you will feel almost immediately by targeting the central nervous system and kick starting your metabolism. RPMax will have you feeling stronger, faster, and more pumped to train harder and perform better then before.


    It is a different feeling then most of the hardcore pre-workouts on the market and can easily be used by anyone wanting a big boost of energy without the killer crash, nervous jitters, and sick feeling. Combine with 'Myoblox Blo' or 'Myoblox Rubix' to boost your blood flow, fat-loss, and mental focus during your training.

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