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The king of preworkouts is back with a LIMITED EDITION Flavour. This is a hard-hitting and potent pre-workout now comes in Vice City Flavour. Think Pina Colarda with a strawberry twist. Do yourself a favour and give it a try today because it is DELICIOUS.

Limited Edition Total War Vice City by Redcon1

    • 6000mg L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 - This will help increase nitric oxide which is resonsible for boosting blood flow to all working muscles, especially under strain. More blood means, more nutrients and better performance
    • 3200mg Beta-Alanine - This will help delay the onset of fatigue and lactic acid in the muscles. Allowing you to push harder for longer

    • 1000mg Beet Root Extract - Has a high nitrate content. it may improve physical performance and boost oxygen to the working muscles

    • 1000mg Taurine - It may improve the bodies response to exercise and physical activity by boosting energy without the overstimulating

    • 250mg Caffeine and 150mg AMPiberry- Combine to bring you extreme mental focus, increased metabolism, and killer energy

    • 50mg Cocoteanol (Cocao and Green tea) - May have an antioxidant effect in the body, protecting you from exercise induce free radicals. This may allow you to perform longer and harder

  • Take 1 scoop with 250mls of water and consume 20 minutes before physical activity or training.

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