Our Thoughts:

When you start feeling a horn growing on your forehead, it means the preworkout just kicked in! Angry Unicorn is designed to deliver an electrifying sensation for any hardcore workout demands. So if you want hardcore intensity and most importantly, hardcore energising results you want to buy Yummy Sports Angry Unicorn because sometimes myths are true.


What we love:

  • 40 Servings
  • Outstanding taste

  • Super energy: 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid = taurine plus citrus aurantium and caffeine

  • Sick pumps: 1-(4-aminobutyl)guanidine = agmatine sulfate and glycine


How we use it:

  • Mix one scoop with 250ml of water and drink 20 minutes prior your workout

  • SZ Tweak - use along side 'Yummy Sports Candies BCAAs' for a party in your mouth kinda fun.

Angry Unicorn by Yummy Sports


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