Anabolic Blackout was created to take advantage sleeps powerful growth opportunity each night. Muscles don’t grow in the gym – they grow after the gym, during their recovery phase. We recover the most while we rest, and the body knows this. Catabolic processes slow, growth hormone is released, and muscles repair. Better yet, the “deeper” the sleep achieved the more the body activates muscle growth and repair. 

Anabolic Blackout by Musclesport

  • Blackout by Musclesport is the Best natural sleep product we have tested thus far. Since the Phenuibut ban, we have been searching for a strong sleep inducing with product. Blackout will fil the gap left by banned sleep products. There is no sedative qualities. You will wake up feeling better and refreshed. Take one scoop, 60 seconds before getting into bed. Put your phone down and experience the heaviness, the warmth, the relaxation in your body. The end.  

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