About us

Suppzone is your boutique supplement destination, located on the North Shore and shipping Australia wide. Boutique might sound small but we offer quality brands, with a product line-up that definitely excites. Tried and tested pre-workouts, thermogenics, proteins and health boosting supplements just for you.

(EHP Labs, USP Labs, Myoblox, Primeval Labs, Red Dragon Nutritionals, Redcon1, Yummy Sports, Switch Nutrition and X50).

We have removed the confusion, buyer’s remorse and yucky flavours… That means all you have to do is click on your zone, and choose our recommended supps because we’ve done the thinking for you.


Each product has been strategically listed to assist you with a 360 view to help you build, strengthen, burn, recover, and support your overall health.

Our boutique range is hand-picked by the SZ Team and categorised by Supplement ZONE, what’s more each product has been SZ Team Tested so we can be confident you are getting MAX results every time.

Our ethos is to always 'Aim Beyond', we believe this is possible with a little help from our products. Whether you are a boxer, mountain climber, tradie, office worker, part-time super hero we have what you need. Whatever age you are, our products can assist you with everyday life -


just ask us how.

Get your hands on our products today www.suppzone.com.au

Suppzone – Aim Beyond.



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